Huzaifa Rasheed

Huzaifa Rasheed

Software Engineer


About Me

Hi, I am Huzaifa, a Software Engineer.

This is my personal website where I showcase some of my projects, interests, and opinions via my blog.

I am an ambivert by nature which is a mix between introvert and extrovert. This is my superpower as it helps me explore new ideas and learn from diverse perspectives.

I always liked technical and scientific discoveries. When I found that computer chips are made out of sand (silica), I was amazed and knew I wanted to adopt something "computer" related as a career path.

Some of my other interests are enjoying nature and greenery, FPS video games, some light exercises, and jogs now and then to keep the creative juices flowing.

You can get in touch with me using any of my social media profiles above 👆.

Hobby Projects

FFMpeg Web

A browser based terminal to run ffmpeg with webassembly.

Feed base 2

A Javascript game to play with 4-bit BCD/binary-numbers.

Fabric browser extension

A Chrome extension to integrate engineered prompts from Fabric directly in the ChatGPT web interface.

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My Stack

Languages & frameworks

JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, React.js, Next.js, Vue.js, React-Native, Python, FastAPI, Bash


    MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL


      AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda), Netlify, Heroku, Vercel


        Docker, CI/CD, Datadog, Git


          Jest, Puppeteer, Selenium

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            Aggregating RSS Feeds Locally with a Simple Bash Script

            A lightweight bash script that aggregates RSS and Atom feeds into a local markdown reading checklist.

            July 09, 2024

              Enhancing ChatGPT Responses with Fabric's AI Prompts

              A guide on how to use engineered prompts from Fabric directly in the ChatGPT web interface

              June 23, 2024

                Using aria2c To Automate Batch Downloads

                A simple script that helped me save time from manually downloading content with aria2c

                June 05, 2024
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