Huzaifa Rasheed

Huzaifa Rasheed

Software Engineer


About Me

As a curious ambivert, I thrive on exploring new ideas and learning from diverse perspectives.

I was always fascinated that we can make computer chips out of sand (silica), and make them work for us in countless ways, leading to a transformation in society. This fascination led me to pursue a computer science degree, and adopt it as a career path.

I believe in team work, unconventional ideas (sometimes) and getting things done. When free I like to enjoy nature, play video games or do some light exercise to keep the creative juices flowing.

Hobby Projects

FFMpeg Web

A browser based terminal to run ffmpeg with webassembly.

Feed base 2

A simple javascript game to play with 4-bit BCD/binary-numbers.

WebRTC Video Chat

Implements WebRTC standards to connect 2 people over the internet with audio/video channels.


Languages & frameworks

JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, ReactJS/NextJS, VueJS, React-Native, Jest/Mocha, Python


    MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis


      Docker, Git/Github, Heroku/AWS

        Other skills

        Lateral thinking, Self-management, and Team organization.

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